Going to the Reunion by 2nd Lt. Bluford M. Sims, Thomas Legion, North Carolina Troops

Editor's note: This poem was given to Mike Everheart, a member of the Saint Johns Rangers Camp 1630, Ocoee, Florida by 2nd Lt. Sims granddaughter. It is reprinted here to honor Capt. Sims and his family.

Lucy, bring me my old gray coat and dust it up a bit,
I am not as stout as I used to be, but I think it will fit.
The boys are going to make a raid up here on Louisville.
I kinda want to join ‘em, And I’ve decided that I will.

Yes, it’s getting pretty old, nearly forty years, I guess.
Since your mother cried and put it away in that old cedar press.
Tom and Jim went with me; It was mighty hard you see,
For only one to kiss her, when she’d said goodbye to three.

But Jim you know, at Bull Run, stayed in the front all day.
At night, among the heaps of dead, out on the field he lay.
Tim and me, we still fought on, I tell you he was brave,
But the second day at Gettysburg, I helped to make his grave.

It was lonesome to me after that, with both boys gone.
But, I had no time for grieving for Lee kept marching on.
I followed him for two more years, through battles thick and thin,
Till at last at Appomattox our rank was clean hemmed in.

And so we were told surrender, I reckon twas just as well.

But if Lee had given the order, we’d fought till the last man fell.

They said we was whipped, but we wasn’t, the truth is, we had no men.
We’d worn ‘em out a whipping the Yankees over again.

And though we left Virginia red with battles that were done
The north never had a victory while Lee’s men had a gun.
We talk about the “Lost Cause” but I don’t think it was lost
For each side knows that what was gained was less than what it cost.

And now when I think about it I haven’t got any spite;

The North and the South both found at last that might can’t conquer right.
As brothers we've had our quarrels, as brothers we’ll have ‘em yet.
But we’ve each learned to know the other in a way we’ll not forget

So brush out the wrinkles, Lucy, I’m going on dress parade.
I want to hear the roll call once more of the old Brigade.
There won’t be many, the earthworks are about all left unmanned
For the general and most of his army on Heaven’s battlements stand.

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